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Recent assignments have included information requirements analysis, project management reviews and control and information systems capital investment reviews. These plus other selected assignments are summarised in the following table:

Project Type



Control System Integration Study A review of existing SCADA facilities and user requirements was undertaken as background information for a value management study. The study was used to plan the integration of two full-graphics SCADA systems used to control 12 hydro power stations. Study co-facilitator, project engineering, report writing.
Cost-benefit Analysis A project evaluation spreadsheet was developed to allow options for implementing a GIS system for a power distribution company to be assessed. Project engineering.
Automation / Remote Control Project Evaluation A detailed review of progress with a large hydro power station automation project was undertaken. Contracts and systems reviewed included communications, SCADA, interface design and project management, reporting and scheduling. Project Manager and report writing.
Control & Instrumentation refurbishment review Detailed review of existing documentation and interviews with station staff were undertaken to establish the methodology for upgrading the C&I systems at a large thermal power station. Project engineering and report writing.
Short-term dispatch hydro scheme dispatch Formulation of model specification, including equations, for short-term dispatch of 32 unit hydro scheme with multiple storage reservoirs. Review of international tenders and recommendation for purchase of a commercial product. Systems engineering.
SCADA system contract management Progress meetings, outstanding problems resolution and preparation of contract documentation associated with completion of a full-graphics hydro power station SCADA system contract. Project Manager.
Generation Control System Commercial Contract Formulation Preparation of conditions of contract for procurement of a Generation Control System (GCS) for monitoring and control of a 32 hydro generator power scheme. Scope of supply includes SCADA system, unit controllers, AVRs and governors. Contract covers development, installation and commissioning of system. Project engineering.
Remote Control Architecture Review Advice on reliability and architecture for a large hierarchical automation and remote control scheme. Work included an analysis of the relative merits of PLC and RTU technologies. System engineering
Power Distribution Company IT Project Management and Engineering Project team member to specify, test and commission an enterprise wide IT solution for the management of a medium size power distribution company. Modules include CIS, maintenance management, job cost, FIS. Interfaces are provided to GIS and SCADA. Role includes justifying IT spend on PC infrastructure. IT Project management, Board reporting, Cost – benefit study, Project management system setup
Catchment Simulator Development of a software simulator for modelling hydraulic and economic behaviour of a multi reservoir catchment. System has a user customable full graphics front end and has interfaces to the realtime data acquisition and optimiser systems. System architect and software developer.
Utility SCADA and Energy accounting System Specification, procurement, contract management and system engineering of a 250 site, four region SCADA system. System design to centrally collate and verify revenue metering information for hand-off to billing system. Project and contract management, data interface design and software development.
Wholesale Market System Software Commissioning Technical supervision and project management to install and commission software to settle the wholesale electricity market in New Zealand. Site project Management.
Wholesale Market System Testing Review of testing procedures to be used for the commissioning of the Australian Wholesale Market settlement software packages and inter-regional SCADA systems. Reviewer and Report preparation
Electronic Dispatch Software Project Management, software development and commissioning of a client server system to automate the dispatch of generation on a National basis. System developed provides automatic backup configuration and provides realtime links to the results of wholesale market settlement solutions Project manger, software development.
Year 2000 Software Audit Systems audit and testing of realtime and support software systems used to control and monitor multiple plant generating system. Audit and Tester.
Database Management System Systems analysis, design and programming of an Oracle database used to consolidate data from three separate Hydro power station control systems. System was developed as a client-server model with users able to view and edit data common to the three systems. An extensive set of rules where developed to ensure points added to the system adhere to physical and configuration programming constraints. Analysis, software development and testing.
Asset Maintenance Management System Development of an asset maintenance management system for recording planned work on Hydro generation plant. Database originally developed in Access and then ported to Oracle. Software Developer.
Telephone Exchange Upgrade System specification and contract management for the installation of a medium-size telephone exchange for a Power Distribution Company. System features included interfaces to Call Centre management systems and IVR capability. Project Management and System Engineering.
Control Centre Relocation Relocation of all Control Centre facilities to new premises while maintaining operational control of large Power distribution network. Systems include SCADA system; all communication system interfaces and operating support facilities. Project management and system engineering.
DMS/ SCADA System Specification Preparation of user requirements and system specification for a SCADA / DMS system for control of a large Power Distribution Network. Project Management and System Specification
Distribution Utility Customer Switching Applications Specification of user requirements and business process for development of database to manage customers switching Distribution Utility retailers. Work included evaluating commercial products and setting up a temporary system to meet immediate needs. Process definition, project management, system selection
AGC Application Development Procurement and customisation of an Automatic Generation Control (AGC) software application to run on a Hydro Power Station centralised EMS. A detailed design specification was required in order for software development to be undertaken. Management of both Contract and client resources was required. Design Engineering, Project and Contract Management
AGC Application Extensions Preperation of detailed design documentation for modifying an AGC application to work with the wholesale electricity market & systems. Detailed design and software development.
Wholesale Power Market System Review This Project involved a detailed review of the processes used to manage the failure of the New Zealand Wholesale Market scheduling and Dispatch Computer system together with recommendations for improvements. Process Review and Report preparation.



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